Have aggressive patience

when you got patience, the world pays attention

I wanna talk about patience. I know that, we’re living in a fast paced world where everything is associated with race. We’re crazy busy in our lives to make ends meet. We are busy to take care of our bills, take care of our loved ones and it’s just going on and on. Sometimes, we don’t have the time to catch up our breath. We’re restless basically.
I’m not the one who would say to you that, go to the beach. Have some drinks and have fun. The basic requirement to have fun according to me is this: how would you have fun if you’re fully aware about that your own life is a bloody mess! When you put your life back in order only then, we can talk about having some fun. In order to come out of mess, we need to have patience and not just patience but with consistent efforts to bring back the order!
Look, if you are suffering from bad addictions ( smoking, drinking, porn, masturbation) then, you definitely need to have aggressive patience. Even if you tried quitting 100 times and it’s still not working for you…you need to try again with faith. Try until you get some success. Remember one thing: even if you fail a million times to curb your addictions, you can always start again!
It’s so sad that, people try couple of times to eradicate toxic habits out of their lives when they don’t see any success they go back to their old routine of complaining and live a miserable life. I think it’s way better to die than to live a miserable life at least, you are not dying every day. It’s even way more better to live when you show the courage and start taking accountability of the mess you have in your life and pick up the broom and start cleaning it little by little, step by step. When your life gets better what is more beautiful than that? Nothing really nothing!

There’re couple of things you need to right now to make impact
1.Pray to God or higher power when you have the urge to go back to your toxic habits
2.Breathe in breathe out
3. Think about all of those loved ones who care about you. Keep your head down and do it for them
At the end, right intentions always win. Efforts always bring success. Justice, truth, kindness always triumph. So what are you waiting for? Grab the courage and have aggressive patience.