Consistency is the key

Yes, you read it right. Consistency is the secret sauce for success. What you do in your daily routine, the actions you take in your daily life makes tremendous impact on your future.Essence of life
The very moment you wake up in the morning and things you say constantly in your mind set the tone for your entire day. The way you walk, the way you sit, the way you speak and the way you eat also impacts you. Learn to take your daily routine seriously. Always remember that consistency is the key.
There are 5 things that you must do consistently to make positive difference.

1.Start making your bed in the morning
Yes, it all starts with your bed. Make a little effort, grab the enough courage and make bed, the moment you get off the bed. Here is a reason, messy bed leads to unnecessary irritation. Irritation leads to unorganized thoughts. Unorganized thoughts leads to vague actions and vague actions leads to dissatisfaction. This vicious cycle is hard to break but, consistency will help you to come out of it. When you come back from work/ school and enter your room and see your bed is already made, it gives you inner satisfaction. The real one!

2.Exercise for 15 minutes a day
Honest to you, I hate working out but, I still do it. One more thing, I do not do it for 7 days a week but, I make sure that, I exercise for 5 days in a week. Never miss twice. It will definitely going to help you to have good mood. Once, you develop good relationship with workout, you will automatically start to take care of your body. I get the point, it’s very easy to say but, hard to follow. If you can’t take 15 minutes out of your busy schedule then, at least take out 5 minutes and slowly increase your time once you start enjoying working out. Trust me, it’s fun when you work on yourself. It gives you the real joy!
3. Read for 30 minutes a day
I love to read books on psychology, finance, personal relationship and bunch of other self help books. Reading has phenomenal impact in my life. Reading one great book in a month will put you far ahead than others. It will expand your knowledge base and help you in formulating your arguments for good cause. A man who has knowledge and apply that knowledge wins everything in his life. If you are struggling with finances, pick up a book on finances and start reading. If you are struggling in having good relationships with your friends, start reading books on how to improve relationships with others. There are all kinds of books on science, romance, wild life, politics. You pick whatever suits you. If 30 minutes sounds too much for you, then take 10 minutes out of 24 hours but, make sure that you read and you read well!
4.Write about your goals before you hit to bed
It is imperative for you to write your goals before you go to bed. We are aiming creatures. When we aim on something, our brain finds out the ways to achieve those goals. When we make efforts to achieve goals, we somehow/someway justify our existence on this planet. There is nothing more than meaningful and satisfying when you start making improvements in your life.
Make sure to end your day by saying thanks to your higher power for giving you a life to make a difference. Never ever complete your day without expressing your genuine gratitude towards others who are helping you to make positive change. If you have come back from a exhausting road trip to your home make sure to say thanks to your Car. Appreciate the efforts of others without using any filters in your mind. I know that it takes time and good things take time.

Be consistent and keep the faith!