Bitterness & resentment are the last things you would like to have

There are so many people in this world who put resentment on the top of their list. I wonder why most of our efforts go into vain? Cause, our main focus is on negative energy. In this blog post, let’s try to feed something good to our souls and minds and reprogram our brains to meaningful life.

It’s okay if we are saying about, we can’t focus on good things if, majority of things are bad and maybe, that’s why we gotta some work to do to find some solutions to bring life back on the track. Instead of putting our faith into action, we are giving priorities to the negative energy to dominate us completely from top to bottom.
The ultimate problem with humans are we don’t want to do any sacrifices in our present circumstances for better tomorrow. We are constantly looking for the results in present by just dreaming about our future. A good future requires decent sacrifices in present. So, sacrifice any kind of resentment and bitterness for your better future.
Channelize your resentment into something productive Set priorities to thrive in the world!
When majority of your thoughts are about complaining, it badly affects your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Here’s the rough example of how does average life look like- working, going back home, watching Netflix or negative news, consuming comfort food, spending time on social media and going back to sleep 2 or 3 in the morning. Waking up with no energy and showing up to work with a cup of coffee . If this is the lifestyle we are having then, we need to sit back and really need to listen to our inner voice and make some small changes
Small changes start with making peace deal with your past. Next thing we can do is to have more positive thoughts than negative ones. Paying attention to your thoughts. Next thing we really need to do is to find joy in our work lives. we all need to be grateful about our work lives. At least, the job is paying for our daily bills.

Resentment is like Cancer but, there is a solution.
It will dominate your soul day by day, month by month and year by year. It’s like a slow death. It erodes your inner voice to almost nothing. Let good faith, humility and courage be your best friends.Humility always wins at the end!