Ask for strength and courage

Strength and courage are not words. They define hope and faith. No matter how hard is the life, do not wish for ‘I don’t wanna to face any more problems’ pray for more strength & courage. In this blog post, we need to get deeper into the meaning of strength and courage.

When we talk to the God, we often wish more rather than praying. It’s completely naive to think that, life is not full of challenges. There are challenges but, guess what? Human beings got special powers. We got ability to think. We can find solutions of the problems. Problems don’t disappear overnight. It requires a lot of efforts. When we pray to God and ask Him that, we don’t want to face any challenges. I believe that, it’s just a wishful thinking. God has no control over problems. God got no control over illness either. He doesn’t want people to be evil. He wants us to face problems with courage and strength.
If you look at the history, the world has always faced problems. We witnessed countless numbers of wars and natural calamities. If you think that, natural calamities, wars and crimes are going to stop magically then, good luck with that! Although crimes against humanity have come down significantly and most of the people do care about each other.

The world has more good people than the bad ones. The reason we focus on the bad stuff cause, our brains are wired in such a way that, it wanna to make sure no physical harm to go unseen. As I said there are some bad deeds in the world so, should we just stop praying and become part of evilness? No that’s not the solution. If there’s illness we got doctors. If there’s violence then sure, we got some really good cops working day and night. If there’s violation of rights of civilians then sure, we got justice( it takes time though). We got solutions of all most every problem on this living planet.

I would also like to say that, God has given us freedom of choice. We are free to make decisions. We are free to bring either happiness or sadness. We are free to improve the lives of others and we have the choice of how much evil we can bring into lives of others. We are free to curse our lives or Cherish our lives even though life is not perfect. I didn’t make these rules. Nature does!

So, when you are faced with darkness. I would like you to go back to your source and pray to God for more strength and courage.