Not everything is in my control

Control, control and control the more we try to manage something, the more it runs away. The more we desire about things, the more desperate we become. There’s no doubt that, people who got most of the power/authority have sleepless nights. In this blog post, we need to understand that, there’s some mysterious force above us that is in charge of our lives.

By saying that, not everything is in our control doesn’t mean that, chaos will overwhelm our lives. For instance, if someone is having toxic habits of drinking and smoking, it doesn’t mean that, he can’t control it. Over and over again, I have said that, we got freedom of choice. We are humans and we are above animals cause, we have the ability to create and build. We have ability to think about future. If you choose for bad things, guess what? Your life becomes more and more toxic. Maybe, we are free to make decisions and some decisions we make them under pressure but, we have the authority to make those decisions but, after making the decisions, it generally doesn’t mean that, results will be on our side all the times. No!

Everything is not in our control is not just a statement. If you dive deeper into the phrase, it’s basically saying that actions and rewards do not always go hand in hand. It doesn’t mean that, our actions/ efforts are meaningless and we just sit on our butt and do nothing. What’s the profound message? We have control over actions but, there are natural laws above us and results are not in our hands all the times.

Does it mean that, if we do something good and good things will happen and if good things don’t happen we can blame God or the universe for making our lives tragic hell? Sure, you can do that. You are free to make your choices. Things happen. Accidents take place. We loose our loved ones. People commit crimes. Bad things happen to good people. It doesn’t mean that, we should start promoting evilness in our lives. Your inner voice (your soul) won’t let it happen to you. That’s why, when we do something bad we regret ourselves and feel guilty about it even though we try to hide it under different layers.
What we can really take from the statement is that, we control our actions but, we don’t control the outcomes. Nature does/ the universe does. Whatever the nature decides, I will accept the fate with grace! I would work like everything is dependent on me but, I would pray like everything dependent on God! All I can ask for the courage and strength to accept His verdict!