Men and women are not the same!

I hate to break you this but, men and women are not the same. They are not equal and can never be equal. If you are a radical leftist you might not like the blog post but have the courage to read the post hopefully by the end of this post, you would welcome new ideas and look the world with new perspective.

Let me start by saying men and women are different. They are biologically different. They are physically, emotionally and mentally different. Women got xx set of chromosomes and men got XY set of chromosomes. Generally, men are physically more stronger than women. During the conversation men give more importance to reasons than emotions. I’m not saying that emotions are not important. They are. We must strive for emotional relationships with people who are associated with us. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman. Generally speaking men have hard time in forming good emotional relationships with others than women do.
Since we have different personalities, men and women play a different role based on their personalities. A man’s role is to protect, provide and lead his family with his humble actions. Woman’s role is to be compassionate, caring, support her man’s goals and inspires him to achieve his potential. Woman’s role is to cherish her feminine qualities to bring love into the family.
I don’t know but, in the west we have forgotten the roles of men and women. I’m in the full support of women’s freedom. They must be given the support emotionally and financially to make them aware about their role as a female. We are doing something else. The leftist politicians are creating an atmosphere where they are encouraging women to be more arrogant and compete with fellow men. We are encouraging radical feminism movement and trying to destroy young women lives by forcing them to hate men. That’s unacceptable. It’s shameful to see that, young people can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman. That’s a shame!

A man can be physically strong but, women are mentally and emotionally stronger than men. We need to have stability in the world and without caring and compassionate women it’s impossible to do that.

With young men they need to be responsible and instead of looking for just pleasure they need to find meaning. Meaning of life is found in taking care of their humble responsibilities, lift and inspire others.

A woman brings stability in man’s life and a man brings meaning in woman’s world. A man brings reasons to a woman’s life whereas, a woman fills man’s life with emotions. A man protects his woman from physical threats and a woman brings compassion in his life.
Man and woman complete one another. They complement