Your actions impact others

Let’s make this world a better place with your moral and ethical actions.

Actions have tremendous force behind them. Someone rightly said that, actions speak louder than the words. Words have no importance of its own. Action is where all the drama of a life takes place. Your actions not only impacts you but, all of those who are closely associated with you.
If you think that, there are billions of people on the planet Earth and how my actions gonna impact others? I’m sorry to break to you this- in today’s world, information travels faster than the light. Anything you say or do would have short term and long term consequences.
It’s hard to evaluate the influence of your actions on your loved ones. I don’t think so you can measure its impact on a given a scale. Toxic actions not only ruin your life but, also your loved ones too. I believe that, you might recover the money by going for a new business venture but, going through emotional setback is sometimes very hard to recover from maybe, that’s why, any bad deed makes you wonder should I trust someone anymore?
Everyone has done bad things in their lives and we will continue to make some bad choices and our choices will have some affect on others. Here’s a big deal when we engage in actions we need to be more self aware about its results. We might not be able to accurately predict the future of our current actions but, sure enough if we think and become conscious of our own actions we might be able to connect the dots of our present with future.
Most of us engage in actions blindly cause, we don’t think what we are doing? We are simply performing an act like a machine is producing something. We are better than machines. We got brain. We have the ability to think deep so, why not just sit back and care about our loved ones for all the actions we are taking in our lives.
We all are aware about what our bad actions could bring to the world. We don’t wanna to repeat the same past. We can learn from the history and become truly grateful for each other and for what we have. History is a good example.
Let’s make this world a better place with your moral and ethical actions.