Don’t make your life unnecessarily terrible!

At least, become a better version of yourself for your family!

Past is a stubborn thing. You can’t change it no matter what. It doesn’t matter how powerful you are or how much money you got in your bank account. There’s no way you can impress the past events. So, what should we all do? Should we just sit back & whining about the past or put our shit together by acknowledging the truth that, we have to bear the burden of life & make it to the end courageously by whatever resources are available at our disposal. Let us not make our lives unnecessarily terrible!.
Why we are making our lives unnecessarily terrible? Already there’s enough problems in the world and we are adding more and more mess to the world. Most of us hate our lives many reasons like health, financial and relationship problems. Instead of taking the responsibility to clean up some mess, we have become increasingly impatient & resentful. We are indulging in senseless political fights that brings no good hope for the coming future.
Seriously, what’s the point of living if you know that, there’re certain things that are not going right. Instead, of taking job on your shoulders to make the things less painful, you simply decide to shut your damn eyes! Is this a viable solution? If you say that, you don’t give a shit about anyone then, that’s too bad very sad!
It’s so easy to say that, I don’t care but, you need to think about all of those who would like to see you become a good person. If you still don’t care then, how can you face voice inside of you? Your inner voice is urging you to stop playing the game of victim, open your damn eyes and pick up something meaningful and noble. At some point you have to face your inner voice. You can’t run away from it.
When you start cleaning mess out of your room step by step, there’s more room for you to make things beautiful. It’s not just a matter of your life think about how much positivity you can spread in the lives of others who are around you. This is a good goal to start with.
My message is loud and clear
Don’t make your life unnecessarily terrible!