My eyes are fixed at my work

With your eyes fixed at your work, I don’t believe so, there’s anything in the world would stop you. With your mind and brain working together, you will always find peace and prosperity. In this blog post, let’s find out the real meaning why we need to focus at our work?

When I talk about work, I don’t really mean 9-5 regular job. What I truly meant by work is how we deal with responsibilities/duties to improve our lives. Life has so much to offer. It has so much of potential. We just need to dig deeper in ourselves to find out the fountain of water flowing within ourselves. We need to work consistently on that. The greatest work we all can manage to is to shun our toxic habits for better future. Our future is connected with our present. More importantly, our tomorrow is deeply impacted by what actions or work we undertake in present. If we find problems in connecting the dots of our future to present then, sure we are doing something wrong. We must not be disciplined enough to take care of our humble responsibilities. It’s not an easy thing to say but, reflecting truth in writing is one of the most difficult thing to do.
In life, everything will not be perfectly fine. There are some days where you need to make little bit extra efforts to bring back order into your life. I think maybe, that’s why we were created by God to provide some meaning and embrace imperfections in life.
When I say, your eyes need to be fixed at job, I don’t mean that, you need to be serious in your life. Life is not a serious business but a creative business.
You need to be creative to find joy in your life rather than seeking pleasure. Joy can be found in spending time with your family and friends who actually push you towards excellence. Joy can be found when you genuinely make efforts to do well in your life and your actions bring positive results in someone’s else life too!
There’s a lot of work needed to be done and I hope that, you will work on that work to find joy, prosperity and peace!