Holding on

hang in there!

When I decided to write this blog post, one song came to my mind that was ‘ holding on’ by jr. pascal. I really do like that song. It’s one of my fav song. The message in the song is very clear i.e. hang in there where you are right now! Some times we just need to hold on.
The question, that we need to ask ourselves is this- in what situations we really need to hold on and why? The only reason that is coming to my mind is when life gets hard, when life gets little bit challenging, we need to grab enough courage and just hang in there. Nobody’s life is plain and simple. Life can be defined by a line that always keeps going up and down with the circumstances. We don’t need to give up our hopes when we see all the doors in front of us are closed down. Life is full of miracles and you never know when the next door with full of opportunities is waiting for you
In the moments of pain and suffering, life appears to us like a tragic hell. I don’t blame you for thinking like that. Countless people have given up by committing suicides. They never thought about the end result. They all cared about themselves but, what about their loved ones who have to ultimately suffer the consequences of their evil actions?
Life is a crucial gift. Why is it a crucial gift? Cause, we have the ability to think. We have the ability to work, create and build things for the future. If we make sensible decisions only then, we can understand the importance of a life and care about it. We have the freedom of choice. We have the decision to make whether we wanna to fill ourselves with positivity or negativity. We are the ones to decide which forces ( good or bad).
No one can stop the flow of challenges. The hard truth is that, at some point, we need to face challenges. Sometimes, truth is way more important than our feelings so, what opinions we have at our disposal? I can’t think about anything other than facing darkness with some courage and make every possible effort in search of light and hope.
So, hold on  there inspite of your pain and suffering.