you Got Energy

You read it right. You have the energy. You got the potential and you have the ability to turn your dreams into actions. There’s no point to be aimless. There’s no point of losing any hope. If you are hopeless and nihilistic then, I’m talking to you and this blog post is for you.
Imagine what we could have achieved if we had made best your use of our energy into building & creating things instead of complaining and whining. Imagine, what could have been accomplished if we just had changed the direction of our energy from toxic to good. I have no hesitation to say that Energy is God. The whole universe is full of energy. It’s result can not be seen but can be felt. Your doubts will always try to convince you that, there’s nothing anything like energy. Your evil inside you will force you to make bad use of the energy that is flowing inside of you and maybe, that’s why, doubts don’t help us to connect with the source. Lack of energy doesn’t help in creating better things for future.
Being aimless as long as you are on this planet is the worst thing you can do. You can always start with your health. Instead of wasting the beauty of life into reckless things like drug addictions and porn why can’t you grab the enough courage to accumulate the energy and use it for common good. We all can do that! We all are free to make our minds . Most of us make promises, but very few keep their commitments.
I’m not saying that, you need to make crazy like promises/commitments. All I am saying that, you need to be aware of the potential that is flowing within you. By becoming conscious of your actions (good or bad) you become better little by little everyday.we have the ability to think, create and build so why don’t we out one step forward to bring good to the world?
Energy is everything. Most of us are wasting it or not utilizing it properly by indulging in toxic habits like drug addictions, reckless sex and blaming everything on the others. We need to understand the importance of our potential. We need to change the flow.
Remember, energetic man is always charming. He’s always cool. Everyone likes to be around him. Be that guy and attract others with your positive energy.