perfection is an illusion

Taking baby steps without thinking of perfection is a self-care.

Courage to take decision and act upon it is the best thing you can ever do. We think a lot. Everyone likes to have perfect life but, dream of having perfection has made many people sick and depressed. In this blog post, I would like to talk about how perfection is brainwashing us.

One bitter pill everyone needs to swallow is that, perfection is an illusion. The more time we spend on social media by taking peek into the perfect things happening in someone’s else life, the more we will become the victim of perfection.

I’m not saying that, if something good has happened to your friend for instance, he has lost 30 pounds then, you should be envy of him that’s not a good response. What you need to do is this- any positive change you see in your friend, you should take inspiration from him. Instead of competing with someone why not to compete with yourself? In that case, why not to start going to the gym? You feel good about it. Try it!
One of the most satisfying thing we can do is to shun the idea of perfection by focusing on the idea of doing the things to the best of our abilities. Constructive Thinking
We don’t need to know about everything of a particular activity/task/goal/ mission. In order to make things adventures and excited, we need to have some suspense that would motivate or inspire us everyday as long as we are performing that particular activity. One rule which I deeply follow is that, if any particular task/goal catches my attention then, I take the initiative to move forward. As I step forward, I see things unfolding in-front of me, I take action accordingly. The goal is to enjoy the task by thinking less and less about making things perfect.
At the end, if one thing that you should take away from this blog post is this- perfection is a modern era poison that has destroyed the joy of life. Perfection has killed more lives than any other thing on this living planet. In order to live, we must do the things to the best of our ability.