The gateway to the ultimate Freedom is through Hell!

Everybody likes freedom these days. Everyone likes to talk about it. Freedom is a great experience and we simply can’t imagine our life without it. We are living in a free world. A man has a right to express his thoughts freely, free to practice any religion, free to do anything (as long as ethical and moral values are being respected). So far, if any one has problem with that…. Please let me know it’s a free world!

No doubt, freedom makes us powerful and influential in the society but, it also brings us tons of responsibilities to make things better for the future. Freedom/rights and responsibilities go hand in hand. We need to know that why do we need responsibilities to achieve freedom? No one is perfect there is always room to improve.

For instance, you have a car and for many months you didn’t clean it from you have bags everywhere, empty water bottles, your work clothes and food garbage. Your car is just looking like a shit-show and every-time you open the door, it just stinks and smells so badly that it messes up with your mood. You make all kind of excuses to ignore your responsibilities. It’s just getting worse and soon you find your working desk is not organized then, your room and then your house. Basically it’s a hell. Every moment you are trying to focus on your work, thoughts of messy car, unorganized desk, uncleaned room and house take place in your mind and as a result your work life suffers.

Well, living in a hell provides you great opportunity to move toward the heaven and start spending 5 minutes a day to take out the garbage out of your car then slowly, working on your desk then, in your room and finally comes your house. You would see positive impact on your life. You would find you don’t lose your mind easily. You found out small things are really making tremendous impact in your life and here you go…. You finally found your freedom.
Freedom is not free. You have to pay the cost to achieve it. You have to travel through the hell to claim it. The ultimate way to the Freedom is to throw yourself voluntarily into the ocean of hell and watch yourself swimming despite the fact you know that chances are quite high that, most of you will give up and few are going to make it to the heaven ( freedom) but, it’s worth trying cause, a lot is at stake especially, when it comes to your life.How Faith can do Miracles for you
You have relationship, health, career issues Accept them. Take your journey to the hell and discover heaven. Take baby steps to improve life. There is nothing more satisfying than when someone made a decision to straighten his situation of life and enjoying the result of it. At the end, The gateway to the ultimate Freedom is through Hell!
Decision is yours.