Traditional masculinity

Traditional Masculinity brings stability in the world

The world is suffering from traditional masculinity crisis. Men are becoming increasingly weak especially in the west. Radical feminism movement is on the rise. Divorces are all time high. Family values are going down hill. These are the crucial issues the world is facing.

In schools and universities, students are being taught to discard traditional masculinity. If you ask radical leftists, they will say all the bad things about traditional masculinity. They will say masculinity is responsible for domestic violence, rapes, murders. Why our students are taught about traditional masculinity means protecting, providing and leading the families towards right direction. It has no give and take relationship with any kind of violence in the world.

Have you ever noticed that, radical feminists and leftists always show themselves the victim of patriarchy system. Some experiments are taking place in the west to replace the patriarchal system with matriarchy system. They might gain for short period but, at the end, patriarchy will dominate the matriarchy system. The reason for this is that, in the history anywhere in the world where matriarchy system tried to dominate the world, patriarchy system has overcome the system with the sheer competence because, patriarchy system is not based on power. It is based upon competence/skills/experience that’s why, history is very much dominated by competent men.

It is wrong to teach our kids that all men are looking to grab power. It’s wrong to teach the girls that, they don’t need men in their lives. Well, if that’s what you call women empowerment then, I don’t wanna to be part of this. Radical feminists have forgotten that, most of the people who are homeless are men, most of people who commit suicide are men. Most of the the people who are plumbers, electricians, construction workers etc. are men. If we just keep cursing men then, I’m sure that, the world will come apart. We need responsible men in the world from falling it apart. Feminists needs to understand this and educate girls in a right way.
Men need to know especially, the young ones to take care of their responsibilities and build value in their lives instead of glueing their eyes on netflix and playing video games. Men are built to glorify God. They are built to provide and protect for their loved ones by taking care of their lives. The world is in a terrible need of men who put their purpose to serve others well and give a good fight to radical left wing ideology and woke culture that is completely brainwashing millions of people and turning them against traditional masculinity.
Make sure, you should never be the part of woke culture and keep working on yourself not just for your own sake but, for all of those who care about you.

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  1. I’m a male, and I have zero problems with my masculinity and nor do I feel under threat. What I do think is happening is that the status-quo is being challenged on many fronts.
    I feel much of this type of writing stems from insecurity. It’s undeniable that at one point marriage had been used for exchange of property and wealth. One does not need to be on the extreme left to see this fact. Women did not have the vote in Canada until roughly World War 1, in which there was more participation in the economy.
    I’m a centrist, my belief system is of neither right or left idealogical political beliefs. Terms like the “extreme right” or “extreme left” are extremely unhelpful. We need real dialogue which means not being afraid of our own shadows.