The beauty of life can be felt in darkness

dig deeper in darkness to find meaning of life.

The beauty of life can be felt in darkness
Nobody likes darkness especially when you feel like your life has no profound meaning & purpose. I believe that, having too much of light can blind you too. If there was no bad in the world then, there’s no way we would be appreciating any good in this world. Darkness and light complement each other. In this blog post we need change our perspective about darkness to bring beauty, prosperity and happiness in our lives.
Why we have made darkness a very scary thing in our lives? I know that, when you face any major problem in your life, it seems like there’s no way out there! Our whole world comes to apart! Fear about failure starts to dominate us completely. I truly believe that, when we experience certain difficulties in our lives, we radiate negative energy and negativity is completely associated with darkness but, it is only true on the surface area.
As we dig deeper, we can really find the true meaning of darkness in our lives. It really awakens us up from our sleep and forces us to take back control of our lives by adopting meaningful responsibilities.
Anything we do seems scary to us at first for instance, if someone wanna to learn how to swim, water seems really scary. Water seems like a picture of darkness but, when we open the eyes of our mind only then, we can see things beyond the surface level. When it comes to swimming we need to overcome the fear of water by jumping into the pool and pretty soon after making countless efforts someday, we just learn how to swim and we make water our best friend. The same thing applies in our lives too! When we see every problem beyond the face level, we actually dig deeper and seek out truth.
Let me tell you that, a person who avoids darkness in his life at all cost lives a very boring life, cause he got no excitement. He got no experience in how to deal with anxiety and resentment. For excitement you need to embrace darkness in your life. You need to learn how to make best use of it to make your life better and bring back order. If you are looking to do something good it is crucial to acknowledge evilness in life.
Just like a tree has its roots embedded into the the Earth’s crust to help the tree to grow, spread its branches and bear fruit. The same principle we need to apply in our lives. In order for us to grow, in order for us to touch the sky we need to start from the lowest level of our lives. We need to make darkness as our friend. We need to go deeper in the darkness to seek out truth, search out for light. I believe that, this is how we find peace, prosperity and above all true meaning of life