Don’t be afraid of asking help

We take a huge pride when it comes to reaching our goals without seeking any one’s help. I think that we are teaching our kids that don’t ask help of anyone when, you are in trouble.  Thanks to social media, we think that, looking for help from someone to max out our potential is a sign of weakness. In this blog post I will do my best to convey the message of don’t be afraid of asking help to fulfill your meaningful responsibilities.
If you look at the human civilization we are programmed to help each other. When a child is born, He is completely dependent on others. When a child grows up, he depends upon his school and work to make his own identity and when he grows older he again depends up on others. Another life situation is that, when we witness an accident on a highway people do come out of their cars to help the injured ones & pickup their phones to call 911 to save lives!

One thing I deeply believe that, the purpose of life can only be fulfilled if we make genuine efforts to help people to reach their goals. One thing we need to keep in our mind deceit, malevolence and nihilism always devalue the meaning our lives. A person who has a goal of deceiving others to complete his mission might have advantage for a short period of time but soon people come to know the evil intentions of that individual and guess what… everyone leaves that evil person.
One should not assume that we should rely on others all the time to make a decision. The goal of this blog post is to ensure that, people who take personal responsibility to reach their goals should never be embarrassed of seeking help of their loved ones when, things go out of their reach!
It needs courage to seek help from others. It takes tremendous efforts to help people to justify their existences. People with low values and mentality always resist the assistance of others. Most of us think that, if we seek help from others, they will control us. People will walk over us. When people have this cheap ass thinking guess what? They suffer in the hands of others.
Great people who are looking to improve in their lives have mentors.Set priorities to thrive in the world! They have friends who talk more about goals than gossips. When ever they are taking a road trip they listen to personal development courses. Bottom line is this: Don’t be afraid of seeking help!
I wouldn’t have reached to Canada without getting help from my family. I wouldn’t have got the permanent Residency without the help of my employer & I wouldn’t have made this website without talking to my friend about my writing ambitions.Consistency is the key I do get the point that, young generation want to become independent. In order to become independent, take more responsibilities and help people. Don’t be afraid of seeking help when you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted.
So, don’t be ashamed when you seek help. Remember that, it takes courage to seek help.