Set priorities to thrive in the world!

Set priorities to set the life!

One quick way to become responsible and to thrive in this chaotic world is to understand the fundamentals of setting priorities. Men, who know how to set the priorities in their daily lives win everything and when they win, they set high standards for others. In this blog post, we will understand about the importance of  Setting priorities to thrive in the world!

Why setting priorities are crucial for you– I have said it a million times that as a human being we got purpose and we need to justify our existence on this living planet. No priorities simply means that, we got nothing to aim at. When we got nothing to aim at, we simply just wander around aimlessly and fall into a vicious cycle of pain and suffering.
Always make efforts to focus on all those things that make you strong, kind, responsible & valuable.
For instance, giving priority to personal development books over video games. Giving priority to physical activity over watching some crap on TV.
How to set priorities: most people think it’s difficult to set priorities. It’s a game that we all play and very few people get it.

How to set priorities: as we have learned setting priorities are very important to conduct daily business of our lives. One thing we all struggle with how can we set priorities? The simple answer lies in having a schedule and if we follow the schedule properly and consistently, we can get the things done. We need to divide 24 hours into smaller chunks & focus as much as on those things that increase our productivity.

For students: divide your day into 5 important segments- 1. School. 2. Homework. 3. Physical exercise for 15-20 minutes a day. 4. Reading for 30 minutes a day for personal development. Spending time with your loved ones

For working class people: Focus on your job. Take as many as responsibilities for the job and follow the rule 80/20 focus on 20% of the things that brings 80% of the result for the job that you are doing. Working out, reading a book for 30 minutes, meditate for 5 minutes and do not forget to spend time with your loved ones!
I genuinely believe that if we divide our time into 5 activities as mentioned below then, we can make tremendous improvements in our lives.
Money creation ( full time/part time job)
Active ( physical exercise/ outdoors)
Creative ( writing, new language, cooking)
Thinking ( Reading, meditation, writing)
Connection (Creator, Family& friends)

It’s okay if you can’t eliminate all of the distractions but, one thing we can aim for is to reduce distractions/ toxic habits as much as we can to reach our potential. Believe me, it’s going to be hard but, it is worth it. We should all shoot for it.