Decline of west

seek truth, serve others with kindness and restore trust in humanity

Western society is considered one of the most liberal societies of the world. Freedom of expressing your views in the democracy is considered as fundamental right of any individual who is living in the free world. Believe it or not, here in the west, politicians talk more about rights than responsibilities. We need to know that, where are these liberal values are taking us? We also need to know that, are liberal values really trying to improve our living standards or is it just the tool of our politicians to deceive the innocent people. We need to find out about Decline of west.
At one time, western values were considered as sacred in the whole world. The rule of the thumb was that, free society leads to creativity and creativity leads to progress! But, over the past few years the way the governments have dealt with the covid tell us a different story. Censorship, mandates, putting people in the jails who speak against the propaganda machinery of the western governments is well known.
Another sad reality in the west is this: there’s some sort of experiment going on how to promote diversity at the expense of competence. I’m not arguing that, diversity is bad. It is good only if different group of people come together and work for common good/single goal. If you bring different group of people together and have different agendas then, how will you move forward in one steady direction? Having multiple agendas leads to conflicts and having more conflicts leads to bigger cultural wars. Who knows that, cultural wars could lead to an actual war.
What kind of society are we living in-where politicians for the vote bank dividing people on the basis of their skin colour. What kind of education system are we fabricating where we are teaching our kids about it’s okay to be part of woke culture. Radical racism theories are increasingly becoming the part of school curriculum. It’s sad to see that, it is encouraged to remove the essence of God from the lives to become more liberal these days. What kind of society that we are part of where, saying something on social media that is completely different from the rest of the majority is considered as a crime and you  get blocked by the big social media companies.
Different governments, social media companies, mainstream media, banking systems all are trying to control your freedom. If you follow their rules, you are a good person but, if you express something that is completely different then, you are considered as part of fringe groups. This is completely against the traditional western values.
I believe that, we are forgetting traditional western values. If both groups have different view points on a same subject matter then, there’s a possibility going for debate. There’s a possibility going for healthy argument. Now since, our attention span has declined dramatically, it is kind of hard to acknowledge different view points on the same matter. We need to go back to our traditional approach. We need to seek out truth. Serve others with justice and respect even those who got different view points than ours.
At the end, I will say that, don’t just become the easy victim of government, big corporations. Open your eyes. Do some digging. Seek out the truth. Embrace some traditional moral and ethical values. Value real issues the world is facing. Only this way we can become liberate ourselves from falseness!