what’s holding you back

This year is ending soon. Very soon! So much happened  this year still, one more month to count.. some of you might be thinking that, the year is almost over and still they haven’t done anything good or interesting. So, what’s holding you back? You still have more than 30 days to finish this year! Maybe, you didn’t start good but, we can all be good finishers! Let nothing hold you back to go stronger into next year!

we all know that how much bad we can bring to this world. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then, you need to go back to the history! History never lies (only if you don’t change the facts) History is full of blood, courage and sacrifice! We all know that, what nukes are capable of. We all know that, what evilness is capable of. Countless lives have been lost cause of the fights/wars. We don’t wanna to take the same road of destruction again.
Here’s something interesting we should do over the next 30 days let’s see how much happiness we can bring into the lives of others who are associated with us. We all know that, the world has suffered incredibly because of nihilism and malevolence. what’s holding you back make sure you pray to God and be grateful before you go to bed. There’s are literally so many things we can do to make sure to end 2022 well!
Instead of complaining about everything that we don’t have, it won’t do anything good to us! In-fact it will make us more anxious and resentful. Being resentful and bitter is not a solution of any problem. Instead of pleasing ourselves with pleasant lies, we need to seek truth. It doesn’t matter how hard is that but at the end truth will set you free.
We don’t have to re invent the wheel. We just have to spin the wheel in a right direction. Now in what right direction? In a direction of total honesty with ourselves. In a direction of seeking truth and serving others with justice. In a direction that helps us to make our bonds stronger with the Creator.
Let’s have our focus on bringing happiness, prosperity and meaning to the world by not holding our selves. Let’s bring smile on the faces of others for the rest of this year