Channelizing your aggression!

Aggression is such a powerful emotion that’s so hard to express in words. We all have our days when we don’t feel the best. There are some days when we just toss things up in the air, smash things against the wall, cursing goes all day long and thoughts like killing someone come across our mindset. Trust me I have gone through all of this. We all hear about, we need to control our aggression and I l would like to say you that, you don’t need to control your temper!

I would like you think how many times your loved ones have told you that, your behaviour is like crazy shit and you need to control it. Take a minute and get back to me. Done thinking? Let me guess the number. It’s countless times when people around you ask you to control your aggression. Let me say that, it’s one of the most bullshit advice you can get from others. Guess what? We listen and for some days we control our aggression and then what? Same blast. No change. We feel shit about ourselves. Is there a better way?
The better way to deal with aggression is not by controlling it but, channelizing it. When you try to control something you are basically trying to suppress it. It might give you some positive results for short period but then what? A repressed thing will come harder at you with great force by breaking all the barriers that you formed sometime ago. Any repressed aggression will shake you like an earthquake. It will ruin you like tsunami. It will shatter you into pieces like tornado. Nobody likes when our temper has full control over us.
Our temper is like a fire inside us that keeps us going. It’s like an energy to make us doing things in our daily routine. Now imagine if someone asks you to put water and stop that fire that is keeping you going. If you are a wise person you would say no. The only thing you can do is giving a new direction to your aggression. It is to channel it into something productive, something creative. I know that, it so easy to say than do because when you are angry you just don’t realize yourself and lose all your control. You say the things that you don’t wanna to say. You do the things that you don’t wanna to do. When you are done with your aggression you feel ashamed about it. You feel guilty about it. Come on we can all be better than that. What I would like you to do whenever you feel like you are frustrated, you need to realize it. You need to become aware of it. You need to be conscious about the fire that is burning inside you. The moment you realize it, the moment you become aware of your aggression you will find peace.
When I say we need to channelize our aggression what I’m trying to say is that instead of focusing on external factors why don’t we let the energy to flow inside instead of making it flow outside?
We can use aggression to know ourselves better. We can use it to become more aware about our bodies. We can use it to become more intellectual and spiritual. We have the ability to connect this wonderful energy to the universe (soul) . The universe is not outside but it’s inside us.
You might not be hundred percent successful in giving a positive direction to your temper but, you can try. There’s nothing wrong in trying. One thing is sure you will know yourself better.