Why are you running away from your life!

 Don’t run away from your life!

Life is one of the most precious gift you have from the creator. Why people are sick and tired of their lives? Why we hear from people about they can’t take it anymore? There are endless questions that are in front of us. It doesn’t make any sense if we just run away cowardly from the basic questions.
In this blog, I would like to put my perspective regarding what life can offer us?

Look, there are 2 things in front of us. Number one is the beautiful life itself and 2nd thing is the fear of life. The choice is ours. Do we pick our life and accept whatever it brings in for us or do we just have doubts in our minds and hide under the blankets and do nothing?
In life, we appreciate happiness and joy and we also face challenges. Just like a coin has 2 sides, life has 2 sides (good and bad) both of them complement each other. It’s absurd to think that all I wanna to have happiness in my life and nothing else.  Those who say to you that, life is just like a fairytale well, let me break your heart and say to you on your face that life is beautiful when you value it with sacrifices in your present for better tomorrow. Any other thinking leads to resentment and bitterness and no wonder we are sadly witnessing it in every part of the world. The situation in the west is even more worse.
By just narrating only one part of the story to our kids regarding life is not helping us at all. It’s so sad to see that, our education system, mainstream media, social media and our governments constantly running a narrative which is promoting woke culture and indoctrinating our kids with the ideology of it’s okay to be weak. It’s okay to be depressed and life is full of misery and we should all blame for our problems on capitalism.
The bottom line of this blog post is that, life makes more sense to us when we undertake noble and humble responsibilities to make this world a better place. With responsibilities, comes challenges and with challenges, we become wise and appreciate the beauty of life by solving the problems to bring heaven back on the Earth.
So, take baby steps. Appreciate whatever your have in your life and leave everything on your fate without worrying about the results rather than focus on the efforts. If you make genuine efforts by cleaning up some mess from your life, little by little, step by step, I’m sure you will start enjoying your life.
Don’t run away from your life!