Burden of failure


For some of you, it must feels like even when you try something or give your best, you still fail. The burden of failure has become so heavy and it seems almost impossible to take any one step further. Everyone feels like there’s nothing good in them anymore. Some of you might have lost all of your hope. I can genuinely feel your pain. In this blog post I will talk in detail about what is exactly the burden of failure and if you are failing, then where to find your hope.

Some of you are failing consistently. For most of you, if you try something new.. you feel excitement for few days and then all the excitement goes away. You just become lonely at the end of the day.
Burden of failure takes place when you have seeds of doubts in your mind than the real desire of actually performing your action. There’s a dialogue between warrior Arjuna and lord Krishna in the ‘Bhagavad Geeta’ in which Arjuna was helpless. He didn’t want to fight in the battleground against Kauravs. Lord Krishna said to Arjuna that, do every action of your life in my name. Focus more on to the duty of your life than on the fruits of actions.
I know that, we are not God. We are just human beings made by God. We have a habit of doing mistakes in our lives. I believe that, we have become more result oriented than action oriented. I’m not saying that, we should not focus on the results, but having your eyes only on the results sometimes don’t give you any win.
Another thing I have noticed that, we are running away from God. We are the ones who are destroying solid foundations like family, culture, religion and God with our own hands. When we face any defeat, then we are quick enough to blame on God. When we become victorious, then it’s our win. We don’t give any of the credit to our Creator for helping us in winning.
The only way to lighten the burden of failure when we actually understand the foundation of our life. Cheap thrills leads to short term pleasure. Short term pleasures leads to destruction. The way to ease the burden of failure when we start believing in Gratitude and surrender everything to God.

Burden of failure is too heavy to Carry. Go seek help of God.