I need you God

so, Help me God

I need you more than any one else in my life. I need you God. My faith in you is just getting stronger and stronger. My faith in you is getting better and better. I’m grateful for everything you have done in my life. I am writing this blog post more for me than for anyone else.

I don’t know about you but, when things don’t go right I just go to my desk and pick up the Bible and start reading it. I can only tell you this ever since, I have gone back to God, I have shown more trust on people. I have made more genuine connections with people. I’m sure that, It wasn’t that easy but, when I look at back I can say to you without hesitation, the more I trust God, the more beautiful things happen to me in my life.
I know that, life is tricky. It is difficult but, the more I explore you in me, the more life is becoming meaningful to me. You played a role in my birth. You sent me on this planet to justify my existence. I’m forever grateful to you. I know that, I’m not perfect. I did mistakes in my life. Some of them were big and some were small. I am also not sure about my future so, I leave everything on you. I will do my actions only and I leave the results upon you. Whatever verdict you give me, I will accept it with Grace.

Help me God to face my life. Help me to follow the path of righteousness. Help me to keep having faith in you in-spite of the fact that, life is not always fair. I know that, God you don’t want me to be weak or nihilistic.

I also know that, you want me to face up the problems and take care of the humble responsibilities of my life. With all the strength and courage of my soul and heart, I will continue to worship you and I surrender myself to you completely.
So, help me God!