The incompetence of western leaders.

The leaders of the west think that, they are above law. They are the mighty. Whatever they say, the world is obliged to follow it. Failure to it will leads to economic sanctions and isolation from the rest of the world. Hate to break it to you guys, but I think that, Asian countries, Middle eastern countries, Eastern European countries have stopped listening to the west long time ago. In this blog post we will talk about the incompetence of our western leaders like Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau.

There’s no shortage of incompetence in our leaders. They have done enough damage and have brought so much of shame that people are complaining why they were even born in Canada and USA. Instead of focusing on the domestic problems, our leaders are so much obsessed with the war taking place in Ukraine and in middle east. They are sending tens of billions of dollars to other countries while their own people are starving for money. They care about so much of homelessness situation in 3rd world countries, but they fail to acknowledge that, their own people not have enough money to pay the rent. People are living on streets.

They talk about too much of climate change issue that, they are forcing people to buy electric vehicles and electric heat pumps, but don’t say a single word about pollution in Asian countries. Our leaders have open door policy. I mean open border policy. Anyone including criminals and drug dealers are welcome in our country. The best part is that, they don’t have to pay for homes and food. They don’t even have to pay for health care. They are free to kill people. They are legal to vote. They got freedom and rights. If anyone says anything to them, then cops will take care of the matter.

Our teachers in school and colleges are so great that they have discovered there are more than 100 genders in the world. Our kids are one step ahead. Half of the time they stay confused about their gender. Schools and colleges have become more like a joke. No future, but full on sexual indoctrination. This is the fault of our leaders who are making our country so weak and pathetic. You don’t need to worry. You go and play your stupid video games.

Incompetence, incompetence and more incompetence. We need leaders like Vivek Ramaswamey, Donald J Trump and Maxime Bernier. They are the real leaders who got spine and speak about hard truth. May God help all of us to conquer utter stupidity and bring peace to the world.