True meaning of freedom

Take more responsibilities and have more freedom

We crave for freedom all the time. Everybody likes to be free. There’s always a cost associated with free things in our lives. I was wondering why not to make a blog post about true essence of freedom.
We got a wrong perception about freedom like, once you are free, you are above the law. You can do whatever you like to do in your life. No need to stress about anything. Everything will be easy to attain. Sadly, it’s not true. People who really have this kind of fancy ideology, doom to be anxious, resentful and depressed.
First of all, we need to understand that, how we can get freedom and how we can truly enjoy it?
Freedom is confidence. It enables you to do productive things in your life and lives of those around you by taking calculative risks and keeping the ethical and moral standards of the society in the mind. In order to get freedom, we need to take heavy burden of responsibilities on our shoulders. We need to constantly work on our physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual well being.
We presume that, freedom gives you the authority to control the lives of others. Freedom doesn’t give you the right to start causing trouble in the society. The role of freedom is to make you humble when you have the authority to control the things.
The role of independence is to serve justice, seek truth, have self-control and serve people with kindness. In order to obtain freedom we need to make sacrifices in present for better tomorrow. We need to make sacrifices of our toxic habits for less painful future. It’s hard but, with consistency it can be done otherwise, 5 to 10 years from now, we will have more regrets. Regrets are way more painful than facing a death.
We got a wonderful gift from heaven- A gift of freedom of choice. We are free to choose our thoughts, habits, action. Let all of us make best use of this gift. In order to enjoy true freedom, we need to do take action for common good. We need to be more kind in our acts and promote common good. If we consistently make efforts into this direction, we will have beautiful life. How better we would feel about ourselves when we see that, our acts of kindness inspire others to take initiative to improve their lives! At least, we can go to the bed with peace.

The first rule of freedom is to take more responsibilities in your life and the 2nd rule is never forget about the first rule!