Stick to the meaning of life and be happy!

Each one of us looking to stay happy. No one likes to go through pain and suffering. Unnecessary pain and suffering is even worse! This blog post is about meaning is foremost thing to have happiness in life.

Happiness is not about to have just a smily face 24/7. It is much deeper than that. It is about having a great physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual well-being. I believe that, happiness only strives when you seek truth. It only takes place when you are genuinely concerned about taking responsibilities in your life and making it better not just for yourself but, for all of the people around you!
We have a wrong perception about happiness. We think that, it is all about driving your car recklessly. It’s about drinking and partying every other weekend. We think that, it’s about gambling hard earned money in casinos. I genuinely believe that, it is about building yourself a better person. Doing right things. It’s about working hard and honouring God.

No one talks about real happiness anymore now. Our politicians say that, real happiness is about how you feel and your feelings are way more important than the truth. Feelings can change over time. Only one thing is going to stay forever is the truth. We need great people who have the courage to tell people especially the younger generation that, it’s better to have life in order and who knows that when you have life in order, you might stumble upon happiness someday. Everyone is caring about their feelings and maybe, we see a lot of resentment and depression in west because, young people are clueless! There are few people who are standing up and talking about real issues that leads to happiness like Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Elon Musk, Andrew Tate.
I’m saying to you again that, meaning of life is deeply embedded in taking care of yourself with a positive mindset. Don’t give in when the time is tough. You need to dig deeper and find yourself.

Stick to the meaning of life and be happy!

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  1. Beautifully said. I would like add that happiness and sadness come and go. Aim for being content. Aim for being content with life. I also like what you said about helping others. Helping people helps to take the focus off of yourself.