Read yourself not people


 How many times we try to read the minds of others? How many times we try to make assumptions about others and how many times we have expectations from others? It’s just unbelievable. It is sometimes impossible to think how much of energy and efforts we waste on others and often times we got no time for ourselves. This blog post is all about you. It is all about you know the good side and the dark side.

One task you need to do everyday is to read yourself. It is your responsibility to read your thoughts, your emotions. You need to know what really triggers you before anyone else does. You need to dig deeper in yourself to find the monster and conquer it with all the strength and courage of your soul.

Just like you are reading a book page by page, chapter by chapter, the same thing you need to do with yourself. You need to read about yourself step by step. Day by day. When you dig deeper in yourself, you will come across your dark side. Just like a good reader, you don’t wanna to run away from your bad side. You need to win it like a master. You need to face it. For instance, If you like hurting people then, you need to admit it yes I do it and you need to ask yourself why? You need to think about future. What kind of future you would have if you continue to deceit people? You need to think about long run. Same goes with your addictions/toxic habits. First you need to become self-aware only then, you can do something about it.

You don’t have to act like a guy who only interested in reading the good part of the book. Sometimes life can be tragic hell and you have to go through storms. Sometimes, there are some rainy days in life but, it doesn’t mean that it is going to be like this forever. Believe me as long as you stay true to yourself, seek truth and have unwavering faith in God you will win and you will get through storms. The only thing is that, you can’t escape the darkness. You need to make darkness your friend.

When you come across your good and bad side, you will be unstoppable. You will act naturally. You don’t have to make fake smiles. Remember good things take time. You need to have aggressive patience. So,
Read yourself not people.