Put God First

it is that simple, put God first in every situation you face in this world. This blog post is very special to me cause, it’s about the Creator who created us.

Some of you might say that, if God created us and if He wanted good for all of us then, why there is so much of chaos in our lives Why there is so much of malevolence & nihilism in life? Why? It was hard for me to find the answers. I had sleepless nights. I thought a lot about the suffering that we are facing because of the way we think and carry out our acts. Finally one day, I was listening to the podcast of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. He was talking about the problems of the world. One thing simply went straight to my head and my mind and it goes like this and I quote his words “May be God just allowed the possibility of bad things in this world so that, we appreciate good things in our lives”. To me, it just opened my eyes and I said that’s it! That’s what I was looking for.

I thought a lot about the statement made by him.  I realized that, everyone of us have some kind of purpose. Maybe that’s why we are put together in this world by the creator to justify our existence to make a life worth living and glorify His name!

Some of you might have hundreds of reasons not to put your faith in God and the biggest reason why some people don’t have faith on Him because, they lost their loved ones. They are now  living in vicious cycle of pain and suffering! Look, you might be having valid reason to show your hatred but, is it really helping you? Go & and ask your inner self. Even those ones that you lost in your lives, if they watch you from the heaven just, think about them how would they feel if you are not taking responsibilities in your life to find meaning. If not for the God but, just put your life together for all those people that you care about.

Ever since, we have removed presence of God from our lives, we have become mentally, spiritually and morally damn weak.Essence of life We have lost our fundamental values in our lives and we only care about something as long as we are getting likes on our social media.
It’s not surprise to me that, kids have stopped praying before they go to sleep. I don’t understand that how stupid is that, we are justifying it in the name of freedom of choice. If this freedom is causing me loss of peace and keeping me away from my God then, take this freedom of choice away from me.

The best thing that we can do to our kids is to cultivate the power of praying to God. we can teach to our kids to be grateful.  Above all to put God first in every situation!