You need light. No more darkness

You need Light. No more Darkness

Enough of darkness! Enough of resentment. Time is for you to cherish yourself. Time is for you to make improvements in your life. I don’t know who wants to know this but, you are not worthy to live your life in darkness and sadness. Your life is desperately looking for you to step up and do something about it.
If you think that, you are a sensible person then, I want you to end the nonsense of saying bad things about yourself. I’m not even saying that, you need to brag yourself but, get some taste of humility and kindness. Once, you get to experience kindness, you will find yourself in peace. Everything starts with you. It is you who have to make the first step in the direction of kindness and then, leave everything on the universe. I’m not sure about whether money opens the doors of eternal life but, a gentle and loving heart for sure.

Your glow on your face, comes from your inner beauty. So, instead of being toxic to your mind, take the responsibility to clean your inner fountain of love with compassion. I’m saying to you because, I believe you and only you can make steady improvements in your life when you focus on positivity. We think about negativity because, we have survival instincts active in our brains all the time. I want you to active the love and humility instincts in every fibre of your body.

I know that, deep inside you are tired of this darkness and malevolence. Your heart is craving for peace and happiness. The only way to find peace when you dedicate all of your actions to God/Creator. The beautiful things are happening cause of our Creator is beautiful. Our inner voice is pure.
I want to ask you ask you this, when you go to room and you see complete darkness what’s the first thing you do? You switch on the lights. The same thing you need to do in your life. You need to remove the darkness with some light. You need to remove resentment with truth, humble actions and faith in God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.

Come on, you can do it. You can work on it.
The only way to remove darkness is with love. So, be that love. Be that positive energy.