Unprecedented crisis of mental health.

If you ask me the most scary challenge that our society is facing right know is the challenge of mental health. Every day, it’s so painful to see people mostly youngsters are becoming the victims of this disease. It needs our utmost attention. We need to find permanent solution of this problem. So, let’s talk about it in this blog post.
How did we end up in this mess?
The fundamental thing we need to ask ourselves is this – how did we allow our people (especially youngsters) to fall in the tragic hell of terrible mental health? Have we forgotten that, we have inherited the land from our forefathers who made the ultimate sacrifices of their lives to preserve, protect and defend the core values focus on the fundamentals of life (Responsibility, provide, protection & leadership) of the society.
Ever-since, The Earth was created, there has always been countless number of wars- major and minor ones. The last big war we had to witness was WW2. Tens of Millions gave up their lives to defeat nihilism and unrighteousness from the face of the world. There is a lot to be learned from history. History lessons will keep on repeating until, they are learned and implemented properly to lead the society out of chaos.
Modern crisis of mental health
When we forget our history or try to keep the brutal lessons of our history (how the world suffers when evilness reigns) away from our kids, we suffer immensely.
I genuinely thinks that, Mainstream media, our governments and our institutions are busy in fabricated and selling senseless ideas like gender politics, gender pronouns, easy availability of credit, drugs, focusing too much on rights than responsibilities & explicit content to our people. Believe me or not, we might be ignoring the consequences for now but, 10 years or may be 15 years from now, we have to pay a hefty price for all the things we are doing to make our kids weak and away from real things.
The solution…
There can not be one answer to this problem. Different people come with different solutions. Most people look for cheap solutions like (instant gratification) cheap solutions might divert your attention for some time but for how long? The question is worth asking.
Mental health problems requires mental toughness. Mental toughness Tough times shape you for the best can only be found in having a purpose or taking care of your responsibilities consistently. Sure it’s going to take some time to know what your purpose is but, it’s way better than hiding yourself in your house! Have the courage to pick up some responsibilities to justify your existence!

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  1. An intriguing discussion is definitely worth comment. Theres no doubt that that you should write more on this subject, it might not be a taboo subject but usually people dont talk about these topics. To the next! Best wishes!!