Think good and attract happiness

 You read it right. There could be hundreds of ways to attract happiness but, I will always go for thinking good. Thinking positive. In this blog post we will try to understand about, why it is crucial for all of us to think good and attract happiness!

Have you ever heard about the law of attraction? If not, no worries! It’s all good. In simple language it means that, whatever you think.. you attract the same. The Law of attraction is an invisible force that impacts each one of us regardless of our status in the society.
In reality, we tend to focus more and more on our problems. We focus too much on things like fear, anxiety and resentment. Guess what, when our main focus is on the negative side, negative things start to take place. I do understand the point that, our main purpose of life is to survive and it’s critical to think about what actions we should take if, we encounter any dangerous situation. Now here is the problem – when we just think 24/7 about the problems and make ourselves busy in making contingency plans all the time, we make no progress.

The key to have a prosperous and joyful life is to think more about positivity,Constructive Thinking happiness and love than crying out loud with complains and bitterness. You might have thousands of reasons to show your resentment and laziness towards your life but, for heaven’s sake find one damn stupid reason to build your life together. The first step towards prosperity is to have friendship with law of attraction. The best thing that you can do is to feed your soul with positive thoughts.
Learn the game of law of attraction. I gave you my personal example of permanent Residency of Canada – made a tough decision of moving from Ontario to Nova Scotia got the job but, did not like the atmosphere there. I had to leave the job, found another job… almost hopeless but, every night before I used to go to the bed, I would write down my goal of permanent residency.Consistency is the key I had put my shit together, worked hard by keeping in mind the law of attraction.
Financial, personal, health and relationship problems go away with this wonderful law of nature but, it takes time and efforts. I leave you here cause I am going out for a walk!