Love your life

Love your life with all the courage.

Love your life. You got no other option. You need to cherish your life with all your heart, with all your soul and mind. No excuses. Your life is precious. You need to know this.

You got only one life from the Creator. If we are living our lives in complaining and whining then, we are not keeping our promises to the God. God has sent us on this planet to glorify Him. We were sent to justify our existence on the Earth by helping each other with common goals. I wonder why most of us hate our existence? Why we feel so much of insecurity and resentment? Sometimes, it’s just hard to explain.

Most of us think negative. I’m not saying to you that, you should not thinking negative. We can’t do that. What I would like you to do is to limit your role when it comes to negativity. When a negative thought shows up, you don’t need to sit on that negative emotion for 5 hours and let the present slip out of your hands. Most people do understand that, negativity only breeds negativity. It only brings resentment. You are way better than that. Your life is way more important than any random negativity.

Life is beautiful. I want you to do something to turn your nihilistic approach into positivity. Every time before you go to bed, I want to you to pray to God. Even though you say to me that, I don’t believe in God but, I want you to believe in God with all the might you got. Pray and be grateful. Forget about your worries when you pray. Pray for strength. Pray for prosperity. Pray for happiness. Believe me you can do it. Do it for a week and see what changes you take place in your life.

Sometimes, when you hold the things or try to take complete control of everything in your life, it just creates frustration. It makes the things not to flow freely. I’m not saying that, if you party every other weekend you just let it happen. That’s a complete no no. It leads to chaos. But striving for perfection or taking control 100 % is not going to give you any peace or happiness in long run. Sometimes, you need to surrender. Sometimes, you got no option other than trusting the universe.

You have enough tortured your life. You have enough yelled at your life. Stop being so whinny. Help your life and only you can do it.

Love your life with all the courage.