Love always wins

Love always win.

Why there so much of hatred in your mind? Why there’s so much of resentment in your heart? Aren’t you sick and tired of it? What’s stoping you to put one step forward in love? What’s holding you not to love yourself and others? Is there any meaning of life without love? My efforts in this blog post is make your trust stronger in showing love.

Do you really think that, hating God, hating yourself and others would bring peace, happiness and prosperity to your life? If you really think that, by being nihilistic I can find meaning in my life then, I would like you to say, you need to think again. God knows, how many times you have started your day with hatred but, I’m saying to you that, start your day with love. At least, try it with genuine intention of doing a kind act and just focus on loving your creator, yourself and others with all the Might you got.

Make your life easy with love. No matter how hard is your life is but, one thought of love in your mind will help you to face challenges. One thought of love will eventually give birth to countless love. Love is God. The real beauty of life lies only in love. Don’t lower your worth in showing arrogance and resentment towards anyone including yourself.

I know that, some of you will say to me that, I have tried everything to be nice and love my fellow men but, every-time I loved someone, I got disappointment only. This is not the story of one person but, so many people and I’m with you. I have all the empathy with you. One thing, I would like to say to that, when you love someone or nice with someone, don’t have any wild exceptions. Your job on this living planet is to spread love of Creator and help others that’s it. No expectations. Any time you go for expectations, you are not loving with your heart. You are just looking to take credit. Shun this credit seeking attitude. Love is way more deeper than that. I want you to shun the attitude of seeking rewards for your love. Leave everything aside and just love. Just help. Whenever you feel that, you are getting overwhelmed, I want you to say to yourself that, All of my actions are dedicated to God.

At the end of this blog post, I would say to you that, love your Creator with all the strength and courage of your soul. Inspire others with your kind actions, remember always love wins every time.