Good character attracts good fortune

Good character brings peace and harmony in the world.

In order to build anything, it needs strong foundation. It needs a reliable foundation that can provide you complete assurance about everything is just fine. Building a reliable character is one of them.
Building a good character takes a lot of time. It takes incredible amount of patience. It’s not just a work of couple of days but, all I would like to say that, it’s built daily. It takes consistency.
I believe that we take the word ‘character’ very lightly. Most of us like to talk about it cause, it makes us ‘cool’. There’re are couple of things we need to do to build a solid foundation of a good character
1.Don’t make any exciting promises that appear to be difficult to do
2.Make sure to be kind in your acts not just with your words
3.Read, write and do some physical workout to build overall health
4.Seek truth and don’t comfort yourself with sweet lies
5.Walk with confidence and make solid eye contact with some smile on your face.

I believe that, the more we put our focus on building ourselves, the better it would be for us. Working on critical thinking &working on real life problems related to finances, relationships and health would definitely lead some sort of growth in character. All we need to start from somewhere and have the momentum to keep moving forward. Staying away as much as from the propaganda of mainstream media, big corporations, governments is a self-care.
Just like a home is not built in a day, the same principle is applied to character also. Just like building a home requires people to come together and work with harmony, the same thing works well for a good character formation. You need constant guidance from people who’re older and wiser than you are. ‘Character’ is not just the word that you can consume it like a bag of potato chips. It’s the essence of life that has the miracle power to define you as a person.

A person with good character doesn’t need to work too hard to make things happen instead, universe steps in and make things happen for him. Look, you can gain so much if, just completely focus on building a good character. People will listen to you. They will start respecting you. They will start talking about growth, development, money, health and strong relationships to you.
Man, there’re ocean of opportunities and sky is the only limit when you have a rock solid values.
Let’s each one of us start caring for our lives. Let’s bring some realness in our lives in the form of good character. Let’s just work together in peace and harmony for consistent efforts for great values, great character and good fortune!