What’s the point of living in a tragic hell?

There’s someone who has definitely lied to you about life. Someone must have told you about there’s nothing wrong in indulging yourself in cheap thrills. Smoking weed, binge watching Netflix, watching pornography and masturbating. All of these things have become complete normal in today’s society. We are perfectly fine living in a tragic hell.

The problem is we are suspicious of good things like seeking truth, having faith & courage and believing in God. For some of us having faith in God is a big problem for others who don’t believe in Gospel. Why is it people who wanna to live a life of courage and faith in God have to tolerate the utter nonsense of those who do the exact opposite? Why is it in the society people who have good intentions to do good for humanity have to suffer whereas, illegals and criminals are freely roaming on the streets?

Do you really think that, just recklessly following the path of evilness is gonna do you any good? You pretty well know that evilness leads to destruction of mind and soul. Why are you letting Satan to win over you? You are not created by Satan. You are created by God. His divinity is in you. Your job is to bring glory to Lord. Your job is to seek truth and do justice. Your job is to spread love and bring peace in world.

Foolish things only breeds more foolishness. You, in the name of God, pick up your Bible. Seek truth. Shun the path of hell and surrender to God. The world will surrender to you!