Future belongs to those who dare to ASK

Asking is tough. It is very hard. The one reason that comes to my mind is  of availability of too much of information in this world. we assume that everybody knows about everything. In this blog I will do my best to show that, why asking is crucial and how it could shape us for better. So, let’s get started

Great individuals are crazy people. They think abnormal and act abnormal. When it comes to rules, they do follow the rules but, they are masters of finding legal ways to break the rules and achieve something meaningful. They become great builders, creators to keep this world  moving forward. It’s hard to question the status quo because, the fundamental belief is that, we are so used to follow the old systems. The genes to blindly follow  the society get passed from one generation to another until, a great individual steps up and challenges the old broken system to make it better for millions.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you ( Matthew 7:7) even though I am not a christian but, I deeply believe in this verse from the Bible.
I give you my personal example: I didn’t wanna to study at my home town. I don’t know from where the idea of Canada came to my mind and I asked my mom and dad that, I just wanted to go to Canada. It did take a lot of persuasion and a lot of hard-work, Unimaginable efforts of my Mom and Dad and Grace of God that made it happen.
Even for my permanent residency I asked God to bless me with the strength and the courage to have my permanent status in Canada. Guess what… Everything I desired and asked for became reality.
Most of us don’t know how to ask and we ask for those things that we don’t need. Most of us stay confuse and not precise when it comes to asking. For instance, instead of asking for I don’t wanna to gain weight, we should go for “I am looking for my ideal body size”. Ask for all those things that would help you to build and create something meaningful.
You look at the world around you… from where did Apple, Google and Amazon started. They all got started from the ideas  that were born in garages and the individuals who started them had a fundamental belief in modern technology by asking their inner selves how could they change this world for good.
We should constantly ask ourselves what I am here good for? How can I justify my existence on this planet? When you ask… your mind will start searching for the answers but it takes time and let nature do it’s job. Do ask questions to make things good not worse. Ask for meaningful relationships,  overall health.Build create and add value to this world
I do believe that, people who have courage to ask are very dangerous people and they have hunger and passion in their eyes to do a lots of crazy good things.