Do not fear- only Believe

I think that, this blog post is for anyone who are stuck in their lives and have no idea what decision they should take to keep moving forward. Our mind knows that if we take that one tough decision in our lives, we will be fine. On the other hand we are just constantly worried about what if Everything goes wrong? fear start sowing its seeds in our minds and we just keep thinking about it all day long and over the period, it shows right on our face. I do hope that you will find Do not fear-only believe blog post helpful.

If you think that, we can eradicate fear from our lives then, you are dead wrong about it. Fear is our basic instinct that keeps us functioning, it does help us to take key decisions of our lives. If you don’t believe me then, i would like to ask you this, what makes students to do their homework? What makes employees to show up to work? What makes you to hit gym early in the morning and what makes you to eat healthy? Fear guide us to take rational actions.

Fear will only start haunting us when, it becomes bigger than our core belief systems.A world without pain and suffering For instance, if someone is looking to move to a new location to start a new life, have good life experiences and your mind says that go – ahead! You know that if you take that decision, you will have to struggle for a while but, you believe that struggle is worth it for the glory to achieve.

Sacrifice is worth it for tomorrow’s fortune! Your lazy self on the other hand will keep reminding you about how comfort you are right NOW. It will keep reminding you how life is so easy for you.. do not let the comfort zone to erode your future and make you weak.

If someone decides to stay where they are right now for the next 5 to 10 years from now and does not take action to take some challenges, the world will move apart from that person.
So, one thing that, we need to remind ourselves constantly comfort creates weakness and weakness creates disappointments. If we give more value to our fears, they will dominate our lives. Have some little faith in yourself and if you pick anything, do it with conviction in your mind. Any doubt arises to your mind… say one thing quietly ‘Do not fear-only Believe