Healing from depression

The best way to heal from depression is to have positive thoughts.

If you ask most of the people about what’s the biggest problem they are facing? They would say anxiety, depression and resentment. In this blog post my main focus is on healing.
The problem is not depression. The problem is that, we are labeling everything that is not working for us as depression. Let me get straight to the point, the major credit of this fake anxiety goes to the main stream media. I definitely think that, we are consuming too much of toxic things in our lives. It all starts with what kind of food, entertainment and people we interact with.

The first thing we need to do is focus our mindset on positive things. Look, I do get the point that, you might having many reasons by just focusing on bad things happening in your life. I do have the sympathy and empathy with you but, for heaven’s sake make one step forward by focusing more on good things than on bad things. Start with having a gratitude notebook. List all the things that you are grateful for and do it on a consistent basis.Consistency is the key
After having your mind set back on the track, start with purpose. You need a concrete reason that would force you to wake you up in the morning. Meaning & purpose is found in taking care of your humble responsibilities. It all starts with taking better care of yourself. If you have a family then, it starts with bringing good values to your family members. If you fail… it’s all good. At least, you are testing the limits of your body, mind and soul. Keep try again even if you have made thousands of attempts go for another one but, do not quit. Keep testing the limits!It’s okay to Fail
Healing is a slow & steady process. You need to have an aggressive patience to see the results. I am sure that, 5 to 10 years from now, you will thank yourself of making a positive decision of taking better care of your life.
3rd thing you should be doing is to feed your mind and soul with positive thoughts regularly even, if are having a bad day.Constructive Thinking Try to connect with people who talk more about growth, opportunities and less about gossips. Exercising, reading and writing are best tools of healing.
4th thing we need to do is Asking help from our friends and family members if, we need an assistance to make our lives a better one.

I am writing you a summary of this blog post
How to heal your self from depression?
Have a positive mind set
Have a solid purpose
Connect with people who talk more about growth and opportunities than gossips
Don’t be afraid of asking help
Gratitude, gratitude and lots of gratitude