Energy 1.0

I have written couple of blogs on human Energy, but still my mind is not very satisfied. The topic is very intriguing and it just makes me to write even more and more about it.

I have written blogs like your energy matters, Your energy makes you lethal, Your energy is Sacred. In all of those blogs, my main focus was on your energy is a gift from your Creator. It connects your energy with the energy of God. In this blog post I’m going to focus more on this and we will try to go beyond and understand the real essence of Energy.

If you are thinking about that I’m going to write about you need energy to function in your daily life and you can get energy from food then, you are all wrong. I’m not going to say anything like this. You know about it so well. The main focus of your energy is to know only about the ‘ONE’ . Your energy should only be devoted to know about the brilliance of the ‘ONE’ who created you and put you forth in this universe. Your energy must only be flowing with in you. The flow of your energy should always be inward. It shouldn’t not be 99% of the time outward. Sadly, this is what we are doing. We are 24/7 chasing something everyday. Everyday, we are chasing something that makes no sense to all.

Someone of us chasing money, chasing lust, wasting our time on drama. It’s fine if you wanna to live for the world. It’s fine if you wanna to die for the world. What’s the fun of living and dying if you continue to flow your energy to know the outside world. The outside sun shines every morning, but what about the inside Sun? Why there’s so much of darkness with in you? Why don’t you allow the Sun of energy to work inside you? Your energy matters. It only matters if you are completely honest with your-self. The problem is that we stress so much about being honest with the outside world and forget about being honest with ourselves.

Whatever type of energy you generate, it will reflect outside. The only reason why you are so low in energy because, you never understood the principle of energy. It’s always there. You can never destroy it. All you can do to channelize your energy into something creative and there’s nothing more creative than knowing the ‘ONE’ the Creator. In order to know him. You need energy. You need to protect your sacred energy. Don’t let it spilled.Don’t let it wasted on cheap thrills. You need to save Energy with in you and soon the rocket of energy will ascend into brain and mind and fill you with the love of God. People who hate God are low on Sacred energy. Don’t be that person.