The world needs caring & compassionate women

I believe that, women have played a crucial role in providing stability to the world. They have played and are playing tremendous role in helping their men to reach the max potential. Over the years, the roles of women have changed drastically & dramatically due to rise of unprecedented feminism movement in the west. let’s talk about why The world needs caring & compassionate women 
The traditional role of a woman is to bear kids to her man, help/support her man in his goals and take care of household duties.
The modern role of women due to feminism movement is now to focus more & more on their careers & individual needs.
The fundamental role of a feminism movement was to make physically & mentally abused women to raise their voices against evil actions because of toxic masculinity. The role was to educate women about their rights and roles in the basic hierarchy system. The role of a feminism movement was to make women independent so that, complete harmony could be established in the world. Sadly, people in the power hijacked the true spirit of feminism movement.
Now, At its pathological core, feminism is a resentment driven ideology that encourages ingratitude, arrogance and individualism at the expense of the collective good, shunning virtues like modesty, sacrifice, duty and appreciation. It is a destroyer of grace, a theft of femininity.
Radical feminists posting abusive things about hard working men who are working their tails off to bring food on table is absolutely disgusting. Their senseless tiktok videos about ‘Future is female’ is a complete act of disgrace. One thing really fears me is that, the evil impact of feminism is destroying the wonderful future of our young women. There’s no doubt that, why use of drugs, smoking & drinking are so common among girls now!
Here’s my take, women need to focus on their careers but, not at the expense of ignoring their role in the family and community. They need to be aware of their rights and responsibilities to establish harmony with their men instead of competing against them. The role of a woman is to raise kids with good values instead of turning her kids to hate all men.
At the end, I have to say this radical feminism movement have made women confused about their identities more than ever before. It has made women mentally unstable. We have seen ‘single moms’ culture is becoming very trendy in North America. We are also witnessing the unprecedented rise of women who hate having kids. Time to wake up ladies and embrace feminine values!