Our job is to provide value

Our job is to provide value
We got a wrong perception about money. Money is not about how many hours you are getting in a week but, it’s all about what values you are bringing on the table. In order to attain true sense of freedom, we need to provide value. We need to add great value in all those things that we are working on.
The question arises how can we provide value?
I don’t like keeping things complex. The simple answer to this question is take more responsibilities in your life. We’re living in a culture where we have got more rights than responsibilities. Rights are good to have. It provides sense of security to the individuals but, living inside the bubble of security & safety would actually make you a weak person. In order to grow, we need to embrace challenges. We need to take heavy burden of responsibilities.
Young people are desperate to find meaning in their lives. The propaganda of the governments, corporate greed, weird rules to live in a society & gender politics are simply ruining the innocent lives of our people.

There are few things you can do to add value to your life & others-
1.Acts of kindness (more actions &less words)
2.Value real things (seek truth, wisdom, self-control, freedom & honesty)
3.Be friends with those who talk more about personal development, finance, productive relationships)
4.Have faith in God and thank Him for the life you have because of Him
When it comes to work life, most of us hate our jobs and it’s true we all doing our jobs to keep up to the bills. It doesn’t matter if you are working in a restaurant or at the gas station, you need to be grateful at least, you have a job. At-least you have a well defined routine that compel you every morning to wake up. If, you have a complaining attitude, all I can say be grateful to the CreatorPut God First and take more responsibilities at your job. Even if you have thousands of reasons to hate your current job, for heaven’s sake, find one good reason why you still like your current job. Keep your head down & work diligently. The bottom line is this- you need to be good with people even those you don’t like.
As you change your whining attitude, we will feel different about your job. It will take some time. Well, remember this, good things take time sometimes, a lot of time. There’s One quote that, I really like from Tonny Robbins- The secret of living is giving. Let this motto define your way of living.
Take responsibilities and make your life better!