Victimhood is a choice!

We got freedom of choice in our lives. We are free to decide what we need in our lives. We can decide to be happy or we can decide to be resentful. It’s all the choices of our divine mind. We are happy the most when we are connected with the highest activity of our … Read more

Corporate media and wokeness!

  Wokeness is a real threat to the world. Being radical woke is threat to free speech. The reason I write so much about wokeness because, it has only one mission: Mission to destroy civilization in the west. We can’t ignore the role of corporate media of brainwashing millions and millions of people. We think … Read more

Woke culture in corporate America

Woke culture in America is like a cancer in the body. The only purpose of this Cancer is to ruin your mind, body and soul. Woke culture in corporate America is destroying the economy on the basis of race, gender and diversity. Companies in America are not hiring people based on competence but, truly on … Read more

The priorities of your government!

  The most dangerous words in the world when someone from the government says ‘the help is on its way’. This blog post is strictly based on the priorities of your government. The money that we pay to the government in the form of taxes and where does that money goes? We need to know … Read more

Your Energy matters!

Yes, your energy matters especially, if you vibrate positive energy. I believe that, everyone has the capacity to have some kind of impact on others. Negative energy only leads to negativity. You are a human being for a reason so, your type of energy matters. Would you wanna to be around someone or have a … Read more

Who wanna to see you at the top?

The real question we need to ask ourselves is this why should we try things in our lives? Why should we even care about others if others don’t care about us? Why should we try to achieve success in our lives if everyone around you is full of jealousy? I tell you why. I will … Read more

Ego/jealousy kills but only love saves

There’s no deny about the fact that, our hearts are filled with egos. It is true to say that, we can get insecure quite easily! It is also true to say that, it is merely impossible to get rid of ego. Now the question Aries if we can’t get fully rid of our egoistic nature … Read more

Not be afraid of speaking hard truths

  The foundation of western civilization is crumbling day by day. There are many reasons behind this but, I would like to focus on one issue and that is the issue of shying away/running away from hard truths. In this blog post I would like to talk about some harsh truths and I will not … Read more

Life goes on

Does life really stop flowing whether you are delighted or not? Does it really care about how much money you have in the bank account or how much authority you hold over others? No. Life just goes on. We often say to ourselves that, we wish, the happiness never ends and the days of trouble … Read more

Duties of a man!

I believe that, most of the men have forgotten their responsibilities/duties. They have forgotten their roles. We need to restore the faith in traditional masculinity. We need to know why young men hate traditional masculine traits? This blog post is all about bringing glory to all the courageous men who have sacrificed their lives, their … Read more